Amidst COVID-19, Is Telecommuting an Option For Your Business?

Secure, Reliable, and Available Telecommuting

For the most part, everyone knows not to click on pop-up ads and unfamiliar email attachments, and that running an anti-virus software is critical to keeping technology healthy. Even then, becoming infected with a virus is usually a jaw dropping event that can take down businesses faster than… well I’d like to say faster than it’s biological counterparts, but this Coronavirus is on a completely different level. Precautions and preventative measures taken against viruses of any type are the key to making it out the other side. You already know that we are here to help you fight computer viruses, but did you know that we can help your business fight the effects of COVID-19 as well?

Not sure where to start? With the high possibility of Oregon’s ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ order coming through, Systech Consulting can help you determine how your staff can perform work from their homes. We will help you through the entire process, from discovering which applications are needed, how to access company data remotely, and most importantly, how to access it securely. We see some companies scrambling, some with staff taking entire computers and monitors home, others are setting up VPN services for the first time, while most just installing remote desktop access applications. All of which, have multiple security holes and implications that can potentially cost your company more than this current pandemic that we’re facing. Contact us to help you stay focused, to keep your business and valuable data secure, and allow us to enable anyone that can work remotely to be able to do so without throwing your data and network security out the window.

Systech Consulting is uniquely situated to enable the global fight against a pandemic by assisting its clients to remain nimble and viable during these challenging times. There are many over the counter, freely downloadable, remote desktop applications out there – some of which may have backdoors, vulnerabilities, and can invite additional problems during this time when we’re already facing enough. We have the infrastructure, expertise, and staff in place to help you SECURELY deploy, convert and support your remote staff as well as to assist in training on the technologies, systems, and procedures needed to do so effectively.

As of 3/16/2020, in an effort to ensure the ability to assist with the well being of all of the businesses and people we interact with, as well as to provide timely support for our client base, the team has started to implement portions of our business continuity plan. Our plan ensures that the team is capable of remotely managing, monitoring, and assisting our clients and partners, while honoring the current Local, State, and Federal orders for social distancing.

We understand that over the next few weeks new challenges will emerge and that many organizations will struggle with how to deploy and enable remote workers while maintaining the same levels of security, safety, and productivity for their customers and clients. As the state of affairs change and the world economies shift towards remote work environments (for as long as necessary), rest assured that your team here at Systech Consulting  has you covered if your need arises.

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