In the process of setting up remote staff?

Is your office infrastructure at risk?

VPNs are a great way to create a secure tunnel between remote sites if you and your IT staff have control over ALL of the technology involved.

However, if you are allowing VPN access from personal equipment without providing your remote staff with company managed assets, then you are most likely taking a huge risk with your security and opening your office up to attack vectors beyond your control. With most IT professionals being overwhelmed by this last minute rush in setting up remote access the last thing any of us want to deal with is a data breach, virus infection or ransomware.

Don’t just rush to allow remote access – that secure tunnel allows 2-way traffic and it is imperative to ask your IT professionals how they are protecting your technology assets back at the office.

With the proper tools you can successfully mitigate the risks associated with allowing staff members to use their personal computers and laptops to access company resources.

Systech Consulting has those tools and can allow your remote access while keeping your office secure. If you need assistance setting up your remote staff properly, securely, and quickly please reach out to Systech Consulting today. We have the expertise, technology, and infrastructure to get you and your team back to work from anywhere.