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A Business Phone System That Just Works
Why Choose Us?

We specialize in Hosted VOIP for business. Our platform was built from the ground up, so that we can provide a quality service for you. With over 40+ years of combined telephony experience, you be assured that Systech can provide your business premium service.

We Are the Right Partner

Security, reliability and features are our primary concern. Each IP phone includes a set of enterprise-class features that give you full control over your telecommunications. Compare our prices and features and you’ll see why we are the right partner for your business.

Collaborate everywhere, anytime.

The Systech Connect voice platform enables you with video conferencing, a mobile app, a desktop app ( softphone ), call recording, and more. Get more done by enabling you and your teams to connect, collaborate, and work from anywhere. Take communications anywhere and everywhere with apps for Windows, Mac desktops, iOS and Android devices.


Systech Consulting

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Business Voice Services

Mobile and Desktop

Take communications anywhere and everywhere with apps for Windows and Mac desktops and iOS and Android devices.

Built on the Cloud

Deploy instantly, without servers, or third-party services. Systech Consulting’s 100% cloud architecture gives you unlimited global scale. 


From administration to adoption, Systech Connect packs powerful business communication features into an easy-to-manage phone system that teams love using.

Unified Communications

Flexible communication and collaboration solutions for employees across every channel.

Traditional Handsets

Systech Consulting can provide you with traditional handsets for your home or office environment.

Traditional Services

Systech Consulting can provide services to your legacy phones systems via pots or T1.

Features Your Business Relies on

Record your own message, advertisements, or play music for customers on hold

A virtual receptionist that helps customers self-select who they need to talk to.

Call History

Park incoming calls until the first available representative can pick up the call and help the customer.

See who left you a voicemail and when they called on your computer or smartphone.

Make and receive business calls via your mobile phone. Calls from your mobile phone will appear as your office phone in Caller ID.

Manage features through My Account for both the entire business and individual users.

Manage features through My Account for both the entire business and individual users.

Shared Call Appearance allows multiple phones to receive and make calls on behalf of another user.

Automatically forward calls to a preset number, such as cell phones, teams, and hangouts to help you maintain service in the event of a power outage.

Business Continuity

Systech Connect is a cloud-based business phone service, meaning that you no longer need to install or maintain a phone system at your location or locations. We maintain the central system in a secure location which is accessed by our clients via the internet. 

With Systech Connect you can bring your phone anywhere and use any device, including, Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.



Any Device

Is Your Office Phone as Smart as Your Cell Phone?​

We love our smartphones, don’t we? When it comes to our office phones, however, it can feel like we’re taking a step back to the dark ages.

Business phones have come a long way. Your office phone can be just as smart as your personal cell when you upgrade to a modern phone system that uses VoIP technology.

A phone system isn’t just a tool for communication. Today’s unified communications provide the means for collaborating with customers, colleagues, and suppliers. They help us to respond quickly; they conveniently integrate with our other software applications; and they allow us to be accessible whether we’re working in or out of the office.

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