Virtual Desktop Engineering and Deployment

What is VDI?

VDI provides a framework for hosting a desktop operating system within a virtual machine (VM) on a server. A user at an endpoint workstation accesses the VM over the network via a remote display protocol that allows the virtualized desktop to be rendered locally. IT decision makers often turn to VDI because it promises to cut management and support costs by centralizing and simplifying administrative tasks while reducing the resources necessary to maintain individual PCs. User workstations require only a thin client to access their desktops.


Systech Consulting planned, designed, and deployed a cutting edge virtual desktop environment for a business that has 50 to 350 employees on staff at any given time. We started with a proof of concept that allowed our engineering team to assess the technology that would be needed to operate an easy to use virtual desktop environment that could be scaled both up and out, while maintaining strict security and compliance policies. 

The final result was a system that is highly available for the business, easy to use for the clients employees, and extremely cost effective. Spinning up new virtual workstations only take a few moments and allows for the client to scale up and down quickly. The solution also exposes an API that allows management of the virtual environment from external applications.


Linux, Windows Enterprise, KVM, C#, HTML