Top 5 Cyber Security Tips

Top 5 Cyber Security Tips For Your Business in 2021

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Top 5 Cyber Security Tips

With the data centric society we live in today, cyber security has become an extremely important tool for businesses to use to protect their information. Data has become incredibly valuable to almost every company, whether that’s customer data, machine learning data, trade secrets, and more. The collection of this information is a key part of a businesses success in the 21st century.

Because of the importance of this data, hackers and cybercriminals have realized its value and begun focusing on exploiting systems to steal and sell this information. It has become a regular occurrence for a company to announce that they’ve “had a security breach and millions of customers have been exposed.” Not only does this damage their reputation and expose the personal information of their customers, but it also has large liability repercussions as well.

That’s why it has become increasingly important to safeguard the data and information on your servers. Whether you use an IT management company like Systech, or manage your network security in-house, it’s vital that you ensure the safety and security of the data you manage. Below are 5 tips on how you can enhance your cyber security and secure the valuable information you hold.

1. Conduct regularly scheduled security audits and vulnerability tests

New devices, programs, and apps are being released every day, and with them comes the possibility of introducing new exploits to your network. Hackers will try to use any device to gain access to your network, whether that’s an Amazon Alexa speaker, a mobile phone, or a regular laptop. Conducting regular security audits is a great way to make sure your security standards aren’t being compromised.

You can do this in-house or use an IT management firm that specializes in infrastructure assessment and security. But the important thing is to do it on a regular basis so that any vulnerabilities can be caught and corrected right away.

2. Utilize a third party consultant

Even if you manage your IT infrastructure on your own, it can be very beneficial to have a third party provide a cyber security assessment. A third party can provide an in-depth look at your security standards and assess any vulnerabilities within your network. They can even provide advice on how to address certain issues and better secure your data.

3. Keep your software and hardware updated

Companies oftentimes release regular updates and patches to their products. These updates will usually include security fixes and the removal of exploits as they are discovered. Staying up-to-date on all of your updates is a great way to negate risk and protect yourself from being exposed by a recently discovered exploit.

Computer and phone updates are usually the easy ones to keep track of, but manufacturers can also release firmware updates for their routers and other hardware that can be equally important. It might be beneficial to add this to your checklist when conducting your regular security audit. That way you can be sure you are staying up to date on all of your devices and hardware.

4. Train your employees on basic security standards

Spotting a malicious email can be pretty difficult if you’ve never seen one, or you’re unaware of their existence. However once you know what to look for it can be pretty easy to avoid. Deceptive emails are one of the most popular methods of breaking into a company’s network. No matter how tight your network security is, if an employee unwittingly opens a bad email and downloads malware, it could exploit your entire network.

Training your employees on things to watch out for can go a long way in securing your IT infrastructure. Not only will they be on the lookout for suspicious looking emails and other exploitation methods, but they can also act as watchdogs to alert you if something seems off.

5. Password strength and upkeep

Creating and maintaining strong passwords can be integral to cyber security. Making sure your employees have complex passwords can strengthen your network security considerably, and requiring new passwords on a regular basis can increase it that much more. While this will probably generate some headaches due to lost passwords and complaints about having to swap passwords, the benefits of this type of policy is substantial.

Final Thoughts.

Cyber security  is an incredibly important part of almost any business in the modern world. It’s extremely important to take the proper precautions to protect your business and clients from the unauthorized and malicious use of personal data. Implementing these tips will help make sure your IT infrastructure remains secure so you can focus on the success of your business in 2021.

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