The Importance of Backing up!

Why file backups are important to you and your business

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The Importance of Backing up!

Most of the data we store as individuals and businesses are on some kind of electronic device. Whether that is your smartphone, local server, or a cloud storage option, backing up your files is an important part of protecting your information. There are many different services and products that backup your files, and the best solution will depend on your situation.

For cell phone users there are several different cloud backup services that can backup important information such as photos and contact information. This can be very helpful because phones are regularly exposed to high risk situations such as the possibility of it being stolen, or being dropped and damaged.


Computers have several different options for backups as well. While there are multiple cloud storage options, you can also take advantage of a physical backup with an external hard drive. Both offer advantages and disadvantages that will be explored later on.


Physical servers have several different options when it comes to backing up your business information. Oftentimes servers will come in a RAID format which can be setup to mirror files on separate hard drives. This can be an excellent way to automatically replicate information and minimize downtime. There is also the option of backing up your server to an external hard drive or separate server.


There are a lot of different ways to backup and store all different kinds of data and information. But choosing the right one will depend on your device and the data you want to protect. Below outlines several different options for each device and should give you an idea on what is available to you.

Smartphone backups

Smartphones are typically a device that accompany us wherever we go and are used consistently throughout the day. Because of this, there is a much bigger chance of something happening to it than the other devices on this list. Luckily, many phones have built-in functionality to backup files and information to the cloud.


iPhones have a native service called iCloud that can backup a range of data and information and sync it across all of your devices. This is an extremely useful tool as it can protect your data while also offering accessibility if you have other Apple devices.


 Google offers a similar cloud backup service for Android devices called Google Drive. It can store your call history, messages, photos, and more. The best part is that it can work off your existing Google account and it’s free as long as you keep your data under 15GB.

Computer and laptop backups

With computers there is a little bit more flexibility when it comes to options when compared to smartphones. There are several cloud services that can be used to backup and store files and folders from your hard drive, as well as physical external drives that can be used to backup your entire drive.


Cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox allow you to designate folders on your computer and will then backup any files placed within it. The advantage of this type of backup is that it’s lightweight and your data can then be accessed from anywhere as it’s stored on the cloud. The disadvantage to these kinds of services is that the backup is limited to files and folders, and wouldn’t be able to backup your entire computer.


Utilizing an external hard drive can be a great way to protect your data as well. Many different external hard drives come with backup software that will automatically backup your hard drive regularly. This is a great way to protect your data from any hardware failures or viruses.

 Server backups

There are several backup solutions for business needs as well. If your servers and data are cloud-based then check with your provider to see if they have a backup policy. Large cloud providers generally offer built-in backups of your data so if something ever goes wrong you can quickly get back up and running.

If you run your own local servers cloud providers like Azure offer Cloud Backup Services that can backup whatever data you designate. These types of services are scalable so you can choose how much you want to backup and store away as well as how regularly you want it to be done.

Certain RAID configuration can also allow your own servers to provide a backup of its own. RAID 1 mirrors data on two or more hard drives within your server, this can be an excellent tool in case one of your hard drives fails or becomes corrupted as you have an identical backup to replace it with.

Wrapping up

Whether you want to protect your own personal data or you have a business to protect, backing up your data is an extremely important task and can save a lot of time and money in the event something happens to your device. If you want to learn more and see what option might be the best fit for your situation, professionals like Systech Consulting can be a great resource in helping you find and set up the solution that is perfect for you.

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