Happy 243rd birthday, America!

July 4th 2019

With the 4th of July just around the corner, we wish everyone to have a happy and safe holiday. We have come very far in the past two and a half centuries, both as a nation and as a species. There are some days where it feels like we’re taking one step forward and two steps back, but nevertheless here we stand. Don’t ever let that discourage you, just remember that when you’re preparing to take a huge leap forward, it’s normal to take a step or two back.

As with every anniversary, we tend to reminisce the past and wonder about the year to come. This past year, we’ve fallen into a long chain of warnings and alerts due to the current state of priorities. I’d much rather discuss the wonders of the future, but there’s too many items that need attention first.

We have engineered a lot of fiber, ethernet and wireless networks this past year. It is always very rewarding to be able to come in and resolve current issues, but what’s still to come is very exciting. For the next year, we are looking forward to new possibilities. With 5G becoming a reality, we can look forward to augment businesses with alternate modes of failover and redundancy and offer services where currently unavailable. Cellular and mobile 5G could potentially peak out at 100Mbps for the general public, but it has capabilities to go up to 1Gbps or even 10Gbps in limited scenarios. In regards to 5th generation wireless technology, another development that we have been following is something called Li-Fi. Where Wi-Fi is radio-frequency based technology, Li-Fi is looking to rival it in speed based purely on light. This technology can bring with it new possibilities because it will not be susceptible to interference in the same way that current wireless networks are. It has it’s own limitations, but has benefits and many differences over the alternative. Systech Consulting focuses on developing solutions, so to us, different is good.

Also, this past year, we’ve seen cryptocurrency crash the hopes and dreams of countless individuals with hackers and thieves and crypto-magicians bearing alt coins that emerge, take investments and evaporate into thin air. Yet, as we continue to progress, having learned our lessons with real world adoptions of blockchain technology and consumer capabilities to realize actual use cases, perhaps the coming year will be that much different. Having mentioned hackers, cryptocurrency hasn’t been the main headlining act – in my mind, that position is most definitely held by ransomware. Not just your average $500 hard drive or computer ransom, we’re talking corporations and cities paying half a million dollars to get their data back. That ransom money could have been better spent on off-site data backups and proper firewalls – if you’ve held off on updating your defenses or outfitting your company with a proper backup solution, give us a call.

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