Establishing Organizational File Access

Setting up certain access levels and rights can significantly improve the quality of your virtual space.

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Establishing Organizational File Access

Why Giving Everyone Access Might Not Be The Best Idea


Networks are a great tool to bring people together, coordinate ideas and plans, and share information and data. In a business this can be an extremely versatile tool that can increase efficiency and productivity by providing a quick and easy way to coordinate and manage numerous things.

Unfortunately many businesses fall into the trap of providing everyone with unlimited access thinking that this is the best way to maximize efficiency. While providing employees with adequate access to the files and servers that are necessary to complete their job is important, giving total control can have undesired consequences.

When managing servers and file storage it can be important to have strict standards and organizational schemes in place to make sure files can be found when they are needed. As more people work together in the same space, things can get convoluted and disorganized which can result in the loss of important files or documents.

Setting up certain access levels and rights can significantly improve the quality of your virtual space. Access levels provide a way of controlling what certain people can do within the server or hard drive. This can solve issues like missing or moved files, and can even prevent the accidental deletion of important data.

Establishing  different areas of access is another great way of giving someone control over their environment while also limiting what they can do in other areas. Certain folders and subfolders can be assigned to individuals while others can be blocked off to prevent access to sensitive or irrelevant information.

Setting up access levels and dedicated folders can really help with the organization and maintenance of your file storage solution. Different people have certain ways they like to set up or organize their space, and this applies to virtual space as well. When multiple individuals bring their own filing or organizational skills to a condensed space like a hard drive or server, things can often become disorganized and lack any real structure.


Why You Should Establish Access Levels to Your File Storage Solution

  • Structuring your access levels will keep individuals in their own predefined space and limits the editing and changing of files in other areas. This can provide damage control in the case of a malicious actor including a hacked or compromised computer.
  • Access levels offer structure and provide control to those who need it. This can be useful when establishing and maintaining an organizational structure and prevents random actors adding their own layout or files into the mix.
  • Limited access means it is much easier to keep track of who might have moved or deleted files and folders.
  • Limits the random disappearance or relocation of files and folders so it’s much easier to adhere to a structure or organizational scheme.

Maintaining a file storage solution is already a difficult task. With so many files and folders to account for it can be difficult to keep track of them and ensure there is a constant up-to-date backup available. When the amount of possible actors is reduced or controlled, maintenance can become considerably easier and you won’t have to worry about random files disappearing or being relocated by accident.

Setting up access levels and managing your file storage can be a daunting task, that’s what professional IT services like Systech Consulting offer managed services that include a wide range of different options and capabilities. With experts managing your IT solutions maintaining control of your network, servers, and storage can be incredibly simple and streamlined. Reach out today and see how Systech can help you structure and provide organization to your IT needs.

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