Data Backup and Recovery


The 3-2-1 strategy requires a total of 3 copies of data to be maintained at all times. Two of these copies are kept on-site, with the third stored off-site. The locally stored data can be on the same system for quick recovery of data and the other on a SAN or NAS so that they can be recovered on-site using a separate system in the event that the local workstation/server fails. The third copy, which should be encrypted, is your golden record and is utilized for disaster recovery in the event you suffer a natural disaster, fire, theft, or multiple system failure.


Recent surveys indicate that 60% of individuals have either lost data themselves or know someone that has recently suffered data loss. Businesses can suffer from hardware failure, theft, and human error on a fairly regular basis and about two-thirds of those business do not have even the most basic backup or encryption policies in place requiring hefty administrative costs, or even fees/fines in HIPAA related cases, to recover that information.


Managing and maintaining a backup policy for your data can be complex. Oftentimes, dedicated teams are hired to manage a company’s data as they expand and those data sources grow. Enterprise backup and recovery software can be very expensive and many businesses find that the costs of the backup software itself is much larger than the storage infrastructure.


The team at Systech Consulting has found that many businesses we enter into a service contract with are at a point in their evolution where they know that they need to properly back up and protect their data, but they have either implemented a solution that does not protect their data or they do not have anything in place and need guidance. Our team commonly finds instances where backup solutions are not being properly configured, or solutions where the backup destinations were out of space, and in those cases, backups were not running at all.


At Systech Consulting, we can assist you in understanding the various methods of backing up data, creating policies that meets your company’s recovery point objectives, and determining a solution that is cost effective and will grow with your business. We can ensure that both your on-site and off-site data sources are secure and encrypted, mitigating risk to you and your customer’s sensitive data. We utilize the 3-2-1 approach which is recommended by industry leaders in the information technology space, and a great starting point for your business to secure your important data today.

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