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Community Alert & Support

In the wake of the recent cyber attack (ransomware) on Lotus Media, the esteemed parent company of The News-Review, we find ourselves in a moment of reflection and community solidarity.

First and foremost, our efforts go to the team at Lotus Media. As a vital news source in our community for over 150 years, their sudden challenge impacts us all. It’s a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities in our increasingly digital world.

At systech, we believe in supporting our community, especially in times of need. While we were not the IT service provider for Lotus Media at the time of the attack, we have stepped in to offer our expertise and assistance. This is not about business; it’s about helping our neighbors and fellow community members in a time of crisis.

We want to reassure you, our community and clients, that systech is here to support and protect. The security and integrity of digital systems are more important than ever. We’re committed to using our skills and resources to assist those affected and to prevent such incidents in the future.

This event has undoubtedly raised concerns about digital security among many of you. While our focus is currently on assisting in the immediate recovery of Lotus Media, we also recognize the broader implications for all local businesses and organizations. As your community IT partner, systech is ready to share our knowledge and insights to help safeguard our community’s digital landscape.


This is a time for us to come together, learn, and strengthen our defenses against such threats. systech is here as a resource, a partner, and a fellow community member. We are committed to standing with you all to create a safer and more secure digital environment,” said Greg Ekborg, Marketing Director, systech.


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any concerns about your digital security or if you simply want to discuss how we can help protect your business or organization. Together, we are stronger.


In solidarity,

Greg Ekborg, Marketing Director