Large Scale Wireless

The standard for high-performance Wi-Fi
Connecting Your clients to the world

Systech Consulting brings your clients the features and benefits of a Secure Enterprise Wi-Fi System that is easily deployed, scaled
managed. With a sleek design and customization allowing it to fit into any atmosphere.

Save time and Money

Unlike traditional enterprise Wi-Fi systems that utilize a hardware controler, our solution comes bundled with a no-dedicated software controler.
This can be deployed on an on- premises PC, Mac, or Linux machine in a private cloud or using any public cloud service.


Systech Consulting

1253 NW Highland Street Roseburg, Oregon 97470

Wireless Solutions

Connect your guests with reliable Internet Service that supports thousands of users. Systech Consulting can deliver industry leading, affordable wireless throughout your hotel, motel, casino, restaurants and more. 

Multi-Dwelling Wireless

Apartments, Dorms, and Senior Living Facilities

Recreational Wifi

RV Park, Campground, Events

Hospitality Wireless

Restaurants, Hotels, Motels, Event Centers

Educational Wireless

Schools, Co-Ops, Private Learning Centers, Universities

Municipal Wireless

Federal, State, and Local Government

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